2017 by Smackdab Brewing

Murfreesboro, TN


We were beer drinkers long before we were beer brewers. Over the years the beer we drank got better and better, and eventually we were inspired to brew our own. What started as a casual hobby, quickly turned into a passion, and eventually an aspiration to do it professionally.


It's all about the balance between art and science.  Both aspects are clearly important, but the final product more on the knowledge and discipline of the process.  However the creativity and recipe development is what keeps it exciting.

We love sticking close to traditional German and English styles and methods, which isn't too common in the American craft beer market.  Providing an extensive lagering program will definitely set us apart from many breweries.  We also want to bring unique flavors and ingredients to the table, but with some subtlety, so the base beer still shines.